UPGRADE: from old school with these 4x6 universal bi-xenon headlights. They're simple, they're effective, and they're reasonably priced.

BI-XENON: These are a major upgrade for any traditional 4x6" rectangular headlights! They house a modern bi-xenon projector that produces a very wide, bright, and well defined beam pattern. Each housing has a low and high beam mode, so if your car or truck needs four, then you'd end up with four low beams and high beams. In any case, resulting in a massive amount of light output over stock.

SIMPLE: The external housing is made of injection molded plastic, so make no mistake - these are by no means fancy. They are an upgrade for the guy who cares about improving his ability to see while driving at night, and wants to do it without breaking the bank.

LIGHT SOURCES: We suggest using something like a D2H HID or D2H LED system from Morimoto to power these up. The housing itself does not contain the light source - so you still need to buy that in order for these to work.

BRACKETS: These lamps can also be bolted on using the optional pedestal mounts - which come included by default.


  • HEADLIGHT: 2x Universal 4x6 Bi-xenon

  • WARRANTY: 6 Month

  • OTHER: TRS Sticker Pack


  • VEHICLES: Standard 4x6" Rectangular Housings

  • CROSS-COMPATIBILITY: H4651, H4652, H4656, H4666



  • HOUSING MATERIAL: Injection molded plastic

  • BEAM PATTERNS: Low and High Beam

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