Bluetooth RGBW Controller


No need for an expensive "home automation" light system to have mobile control of your RGBW lights. Our Bluetooth mini RGBW controller will do it all. The free app allows you to tune in a static color with the color touch wheel or you can activate one of the 20 built in dynamic modes including gradual change, cross fade, strobe and flash. You have control of the speed of the change so you can reach the perfect desired effect. Don't see an effect you like? With this device you can make your own effects, name it and save it for use again and again.

 Set up is very easy since the application automatically pairs with the RGBW controller as soon as you launch the app. Make sure you have Bluetooth turned on, power up the controller and launch the app. That's are now ready to go. Always mount in dry areas. Water may damage the controller. Some Wiring required when adding on additional lights.


1x RGBW Bluetooth Contoller
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